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The Ultra-Fit program is the healthy, natural way to lose weight and keep it off for life - The results are guaranteed! The secrets to nutrition and exercise are very simple when applied the right way, and Ultra-Fit will teach you how! Every membership comes with a complimentary one-hour session with an Ultra Fit Personal Trainer, overseen by Mr. USA and nine-time trainer of year, John DeFendis. With the VIP you will receive 4 One Hour sessions with an Ultra Fit Personal Trainer offering one-on-one professional assistance, a How to Grocery Shop guide, a How to Order in Restaurants guide, along with great recipes and daily emails so you are fully equipped for success. Ask about our VIP for guaranteed results.

The UF Program Will Include

 Our Ultra Fit certified professional trainers will make it easy for you to get started and reach your goals! Whether you have 5 pounds to 200 pounds to lose, a wedding to get ready for, or a specific sport to train for, 10 Star Fitness can help you reach your goals. Check out the many testimonials that we have. Ultra Fit certified professional trainers will invest one-on-one time with you, which will be overseen by Mr. USA and Nine Time Trainer of the year John DeFendis! 10 Star trainers will discuss in-depth nutrition with a complete shopping list, individualized goal analysis, personal health consultation, and an advanced fitness evaluation.

In addition, our trainers will present the world renowned Ultra Fit Nutrition Plan, as seen on television shows such as: 20/20 with Barbara Walters; Hard Copy; ESPN; NBC; and CBS Sports to help you reach your goals. Also our trainers will provide motivation, stimulating workouts and professional coaching that is GUARANTEED to get you to your goals!!!

For more information on individual Ultra Fit trainers please come into one of our 10 Star Fitness locations to view our trainer profiles! You can also go to the 10 Star Fitness official facebook page and John DeFendis’s Facebook profile to see our many Ultra Fit trainers!

Training Programs


Check out these incredible results which vary depending upon motivation. Members have lost 10 pounds to over a 100 pounds. Medications such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc… have been eliminated or reduced. These members have changed their lives! Please view their personal testimonies and understand “ You too can have Ultra Fit Results- Guaranteed!”  To see some of our Testimonial Videos click here.

Restaurant Guide

Here are some menus from some restaurants that provide great healthy offerings.  To see some of our Restaurant Guide videos click here.

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